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We promote peace and foster dialogue


Our work aims to break the cycle of violence and create a climate in which peace becomes possible.

Refugees Relocation

We assist in the resettlement of people who were forced out their communities by the ongoing conflict.

Social Justice

CPI promotes the respect and acknowledgement of the human, civil and legal rights of all.

Join forces with us

Don't let your appreciation of the enormity of the work stop you.

You can volunteer, make a financial or material contribution, or become an advocate for peace as well.

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Volunteer. Donate. Get Involved.

We are looking for volunteers with experience in marketing and grants management. No amount is too small and your contribution is tax deductible.

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The Cameroon Conflict by the Numbers

The conflict in Cameroon has exacted a heavy toll on civilian populations, including the most vulnerable. A few worrisome data pointers:

  • 4,000 civilians killed (Source: AFP)

  • 765,000 people have been displaced (Source: Crisis Group)

  • 800,000 children out of school (Source: Crisis Group)

  • 4.4 million people in crisis (Source: WFP)

Our Leadership Team

We, Cameroonians in the Diaspora, decided to join our brothers and sisters in Cameroon and across the globe in finding a peaceful solution to the current crisis in our country. We encourage every Cameroonian to work for peace.

Dr. Chienku Constantine


Founder & Chair
Dr Onga Nana

Founder & Chair

Mr Eric Chinje, Co-Founder
Mr Eric Chinje


A Registered Charity

Cameroon Peace Initiative (CPI) is an organization registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA. CPI was granted a 501 (c) 3 status by the Internal Revenue Service. CPI abides to all applicable regulations and guidelines pertaining to organization under 501 (c) 3. CPI may organize fundraising events and receive donations.

Peace Promotion
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